Keith Harmon, partner at Alchemy Financial


     Bookkeeping, accounting, and financial outcomes should be used more actively and made comprehensible for everyone from business owners to 16 year old entrepreneurs.

     Our bookkeeping and financial systems are customized for the industry and financial performance is made easily accessibe to our customers.  We give you a competitive edge.

     You will know your business operation and finances better than anyone.  Based in Boston and New York with customers and a peers across the country.

     We are transfoming the financial opportunities of restaurants, small businesses of all tax structures, and owners and investors . 




     Our mission is to assist our customers specifically and our community generally in getting better financial, operational, organizational and personal outcomes.

     Alchemy takes practical, real-world restaurant and small business ownership and consultation experience and combines it with accurate, actionable financials that are easily and fully understood by owners, decision makers, and stakeholders. 

     We tenaciously pursue superior outcomes for our clients at all times and help transform their businesses and lives for the better. We embrace the deep roots of hospitality and customer service in every aspect of our business and live at the real-world intersection of finance, operations, and organizational management.