Keith Harmon & the Alchemy Team

   I remember the day I realized how straight-foward and important good accounting could be for the small business owner. That was the day I decided to de-mystify, improve, and deliver practical financial intelligence wherever I could. I suppose that was the day Alchemy Financial was born.

    Alchemy and I are on a mission to improve the profitability and sustainability of the hospitality industry. I have 30+ years of operational restaurant experience; 10 years of active financial management specifically for bars and restaurants; and 7 years of direct experience owning, operating, growing, and stewarding a small group of restaurants. 

     As a team we are a diverse, trustworthy, and hard-working group of dedicated hospitality accounting professionals. Everyone at Alchemy has operational hospitality experience and direct knowledge of the day-to-day reality of businesses functionally and financially.

     We are not an accounting farm. We pride ourselves in putting first things first, attention to detail, the customer experience, and (hopefully) the resulting transformation. We want to join YOUR team. 

     We do everything possible to help our clients successfully execute their personal and professional visions. With a wide network of industry professionals, we can help solve any problem your business encounters. With each new partnership and engagement, we add to our body of experience and knowledge and are constantly leveraging that to benefit all of our customers in a difficult and evolving industry and economic time.

     We are uniquely positioned to deliver superior financial management and peace of mind.