Alchemy Financial lives at the intersection of operations and finance. We understand the day to day reality of running a business and help independent operators get to sustainably better profitability and work//life balance. 



We provide specialized bookkeeping for independent bars and restaurants of all sizes.  At the heart of the experience is a deep commitment to customer service, regular financial review with owners (on-time and in plain language), and a long-term commitment to making your business thrive.

  • Revenue reporting, invoice entry, tax filings and reporting, balance sheet reconciliation, cashflow management, bill paying, payroll processing, declining budget implementation... We do it all. Your service package will be customized to what works best for you, your team, and your business. It starts with impeccable books that help you make the best decisions and we go the extra mile with every customer. 

We also have a series of quickbooks training and coaching options available. Please contact us to figure out what is the best option for you and your business!

Financial Management


We offer custom advisory services for all phases of the life of a business:

  • Monthly, Quarterly, or Emergency Services

  • Pro forma modeling to evaluate viability, strengthen business plans, and increase investor confidence

  • Site evaluation, start-up cost evaluation, lease negotiation, construction and pre-opening budget oversight

  • Compensation and Incentivazation program design

  • Operational consulting targeted for prime (COGS and labor) expenses

  • Declining budget implementation

  • Hospitality Administrative Fees (see Press)

  • Business exit strategy design and execution

CFO & Advisory Services


Want to increase profits? Need access to reasonably priced capital? Need help with business visioning and organizational development? Want to implement Open Book Management? Want to grow your top-line via cutting edge pricing strategies? Need to tune up your training, service standards, or menu programming? We've yet to meet an operational or financial challenge we can't tackle with you.

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